Empowered Women in Finance

Empowered Women in Finance

Kim Shannon, CFA, MBA
Founder and Co-CIO

Energy Transition Opportunities: North American LNG

By the middle of this decade, we will likely be into the next phase of potentially lower global carbon emissions with the continued replacement of higher emission energy (coal) with lower emission options (natural gas). We will likely see North America solidified as a global cleaner energy exporter and energy independence also may occur within this timeframe. We believe there are plenty of investment opportunities within the energy space that will help the world reach this next phase, but patience is required.

Company Spotlight: Stella-Jones

Portfolio Manager, Aleksy Wojcik, provides an update on one of Sionna's holdings, Stella-Jones, and why we believe it is an attractive opportunity for value investors.

More Than a ‘Flash in the Pan’? The TSX is on a Roll for Now (Financial Post)

Kim Shannon discusses why she believes the pendulum is swinging to value stocks from growth stocks and why it won't be a short-lived trend.

The Return of Value, Inflation and Canadian Equities (Raise Your Average)

The Return of Value, Inflation and Canadian Equities (Raise Your Average)

Kim Shannon, CFA, MBA
Founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Non-U.S. Returns Look Set to Outperform (Audio)

Co-CIO, Stephen Jenkins, provides an update on global stock markets and why we are looking to areas outside of the U.S. for future outperformance.

This Year’s Rotman Alumni Award Winners Show Us What it Means to be a Leader

Kim Shannon has been named Rotman's Lifetime Achievement Award winner this year. Kim discusses her 40-year career and why she believes "there's no point in slowing down now."

New Bull Market for Value Stocks on the Horizon? (BNN)

Kim Shannon, President and Co-Chief Investment Officer
Sionna Investment Managers

Value Investing: Art vs. Science

Some say value investing is both an art and a science. It is an art because successful investing requires judgement honed from experience, an understanding of history to recognize patterns and the emotional fortitude to shield against psychological biases.  Investing is also a science because cold hard analytics can be applied. However, when investors focus too narrowly on any single metric, there is a temptation to rush to judge the attractiveness of a security or portfolio.