Looking for Value

Sionna finds value in all market conditions. It’s often in weak markets where we can find real gems that are temporarily mispriced.

Our goal is to identify those companies that are undervalued in the short term, but that we believe will do well over the mid-to-long term. We’re more concerned about how a company will perform over the economic cycle – not next quarter. This long-term orientation enables us to avoid the “noise” and focus on fundamentals.

In Concentrated Markets – Sionna’s Relative Value

Sionna’s specialty is relative value. We’ve modified the value approach to work in Canada’s concentrated equity market. Case in point:

  • Cyclical stocks including materials, energy and financials represent almost 75% of the Canadian markets
  • Almost 50% of Canadian large-cap stocks are related to resources

A deep value approach would prohibit us from participating in these sectors since they often command an overall premium multiple.

Instead, we focus on select companies that represent the best value and still meet our quality criteria within each sector. This allows us to remain diversified and protect on the downside while participating in the potential upside.