This Year’s Rotman Alumni Award Winners Show Us What it Means to be a Leader

Kim Shannon has been named Rotman's Lifetime Achievement Award winner this year. Kim discusses her 40-year career and why she believes "there's no point in slowing down now."

Canada’s Role in Energy Evolution and Carbon Reduction

This past year has brought some element of change to every business in every sector. As we reflect on 2020 and the many changes that emerged, the Canadian energy industry was arguably one of the most impacted by these changes.

Company Spotlight – Nutrien (Audio)

Listen as Jackie Au, recently appointed Portfolio Manager, discusses our thesis behind Nutrien, the world's largest producer of fertilizer and a holding in Sionna's large-cap strategy.

New Bull Market for Value Stocks on the Horizon? (BNN)

Kim Shannon, President and Co-Chief Investment Officer
Sionna Investment Managers

Value Investing: Art vs. Science

Some say value investing is both an art and a science. It is an art because successful investing requires judgement honed from experience, an understanding of history to recognize patterns and the emotional fortitude to shield against psychological biases.  Investing is also a science because cold hard analytics can be applied. However, when investors focus too narrowly on any single metric, there is a temptation to rush to judge the attractiveness of a security or portfolio.

Stock Market Shakeout: Big Investors now Shun the Growth-at-all-Costs Model (The Globe and Mail)

Kim Shannon offers thoughts on the market's collective mania.

2019 Market Review: Value Opportunities in Today’s Market

Kim Shannon,

President and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Sionna’s 2018 Market Review: Caution Required in the Everything Bull Market

Kim Shannon
President & Co-Chief Investment Officer

The Sionna Hype Cycle of Investment Products

Over the years, we have watched the annual Gartner Hype Cycle forecasts with interest. For those that are not familiar with it, the Gartner Hype Cycle outlines extreme peaks and troughs that can occur with new technology trends. It demonstrates how hype can build and eventually collapse under the weight of over-inflated expectations, until finally the collective wisdom settles into a more balanced reality about the growth of a new product or concept.

As the hype for the new and novel seemed to gather steam this fall, we developed our own “cheeky” version – the Sionna Hype Cycle of Investment Products – in tribute to Gartner’s innovation.