To help you understand what Sionna offers, we present these videos about how we invest money on behalf of some of Canada's leading institutions.

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2019 Market Review: Value Opportunities in Today's Market

May 2019

Kim Shannon, President and Co-Chief Investment Officer


2019 Market Review: Sionna's Approach to Investing Globally

May 2019

Stephen Jenkins,
Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Asset Management

2019 Market Review: Asset Management Companies

May 2019

Marian Hoffmann,
Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Intrinsic Value

2019 Market Review: Outlook on Canadian Energy

May 2019

Teresa Lee,
Co-Chief Investment Officer


2019 Market Review: Exposure to Pipelines

May 2019

Marlena Zabielska, Portfolio Manager


2019 Market Review: View on Gold

May 2019

Jackie Au, Associate Portfolio Manager

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