Soundbites briefly explore what’s on Sionna managers’ minds.

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Company Spotlight: Canadian Tire

November 2022

Equity Research Analyst, Stuart Tabor, provides an update on one of Sionna's holdings, Canadian Tire, and why we believe it is an attractive opportunity for value investors.

Sionna's "Triple Threat" Stock Pick for the Capitalize for Kids Event

November 2022

We likely would all agree that a great stock pick is one that demonstrates above-average expected returns, which compensates for any perceived risk taken. However, in a declining market, investors tend to have more aversion to possible risks than usual. But does that loss-aversion instinct serve investors well? As contrarian value investors, we are trained that opportunities lie “where dragons are” and that buying when fears are rampant, especially because of ephemeral risks, is often where big opportunities can be found.

Current Inflation Rates and P/E Multiples Appear Out of Sync with History

August 2022

Kim Shannon discusses historical inflation and P/E multiples compared to those we are seeing today.

Company Spotlight: Brookfield Asset Management

July 2022

Portfolio Manager, Gary Chow, provides an update on Brookfield Asset Management and why we believe it is an attractive opportunity for value investors.

ESG 1.0 Evolving to ESG 2.0?

June 2022

Portfolio Manager, Aleksy Wojcik, discusses how the recent events surrounding the Russia/Ukraine conflict may be shifting the mindsets of global policy makers from an idealistic approach (ESG 1.0) to a realistic approach (ESG 2.0) that will better serve the global community.

Non-U.S. Returns Look Set to Outperform (Audio)

January 2022

Co-CIO, Stephen Jenkins, provides an update on global stock markets and why we are looking to areas outside of the U.S. for future outperformance.

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