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Cautious on High Yielders in Sideways Market (Financial Post)

March 2012

Following major market mania conditions, stocks historically capitulate then move sideways in an incredibly volatile manner for at least 15 years. Kim Shannon, chief investment officer at Sionna Investment Managers, believes we are in year 12 of just such a market.

La revanche des titres à dividende (La Presse)

October 2011

Quand ça joue dur à la Bourse, il vaut mieux miser sur une stratégie défensive, sur des sociétés robustes qui versent des dividendes élevés. Quels titres repêcher ? Trois gestionnaires nous présentent les joueurs étoiles au Canada, aux États-Unis et en Europe.

Dividend Stocks Make a Comeback (La Presse)

October 2011

When the stock market heats up, wise investors adopt a defensive strategy and focus on solid companies that pay big dividends. But how do you find these companies? Three investment managers have selected stars for us in Canada, the United States, and Europe. (Translation of "La revanche des titres à dividende").

Sideways Market Can Bring Decent Returns (Globe and Mail)

September 2011

This one's for all the investors who are thinking about getting out of the stock market. Don't do it. Stocks have hurt many people in the past few years, but they're still an essential portfolio component if you can wait at least five or 10 years and you can stand more ups and downs. It's not just me saying so.

Sionna's Gold-to-Decent-Suit Ratio Suggests Gold Overvalued (Financial Post)

August 2011

Value mutual fund managers Sionna Investment Managers says the old rule of thumb that an ounce of gold should buy a good man's suit suggests gold is currently overvalued by about 50%.

Learn to Love 6% (Financial Post)

June 2011

Canada is now one of the most expensive developed stock markets in the world, lagging only Denmark and Hong Kong, warns award-winning value mutual fund manager Kim Shannon.

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