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Nine Canadian Fund Managers Offer Their Best Portfolio Advice and Top Picks for 2023 (The Globe & Mail)

December 2022

Sionna's Founder and Co-CIO, Kim Shannon, discusses the attractive Canadian market and highlights a current holding.

Five Key Investment Themes to Consider for 2023 (The Globe & Mail)

December 2022

Sionna's Founder and Co-CIO, Kim Shannon, discusses the Canadian market and why she believes Canada is currently more attractive than the U.S.

Three Hall-of-Fame Investors Share the Lessons They Learned Along the Way (Financial Post)

November 2022

Last month, three legendary Canadian investors were inducted into the Investing Industry Association of Canada’s Hall of Fame, including Kim Shannon. Kim started her investing career in 1983. A trailblazer on the Canadian investment scene, she went on to found Sionna Investment Managers in 2002 and built it into one of the largest female-led independent investment firms in the country.

Kim Shannon Says Value Stocks are Finally Getting the Love They Deserve (The Globe & Mail; Report on Business Magazine)

September 2022

Sionna’s Founder and Co-CIO, Kim Shannon, discusses our conviction in the value style of investing, Sionna's recent outperformance and highlights a few value opportunities in today’s market.

More Than a 'Flash in the Pan'? The TSX is on a Roll for Now (Financial Post)

March 2022

Kim Shannon discusses why she believes the pendulum is swinging to value stocks from growth stocks and why it won't be a short-lived trend.

Inflation, Value Investing & Canada Now (AdvisorAnalyst)

January 2022

Kim Shannon joined Pierre Daillie to discuss value investing, inflation, and why the current leg in the economic cycle is a favourable backdrop for Canadian equities.

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