Today’s Valuations Impact Tomorrow’s Returns

Stephen Jenkins explains why valuations are so important and how the price paid can impact future returns.

Narrow S&P/TSX Composite Leadership

President and Co-CIO, Kim Shannon, explains how narrow market leadership has historically forecasted market pullbacks.

New Bull Market for Value Stocks on the Horizon? (BNN)

Kim Shannon, President and Co-Chief Investment Officer
Sionna Investment Managers

Waiting for Dawn

Throughout human history, irrational investors have fluctuated between fear (value) and greed (growth speculation). Behavioural psychology of finance demonstrates we are more frequently and strongly collectively moved by fear of loss. This type of emotion has not been present in our markets for a long time; however, we firmly believe it will return and will benefit patient value investors who are focused on the long term.

Value Opportunities in Today’s Volatile Market

Co-CIO Stephen Jenkins, outlines where Sionna has been finding opportunities during the recent market volatility.

Energy Stocks: Unloved, Under-Owned and Undervalued

A situation currently exists that shares some similarities to the technology craze of the late 1990s to early 2000 period. During this time, everything but technology, telecom and media companies were labelled “old economy” and shunned by most investors as they chased the growth and promises of the new economy market darlings. Today, energy stocks feel like the “old economy” stocks of 20 years ago, many being left for dead with virtually no investor interest of any significance.

Value Earnings Outpace Growth Earnings

Stephen Jenkins outlines a surprising discrepancy that adds further support to the case for value.

The Value Minsky Moment is Near

Kim Shannon discusses the extreme spread between value and growth, reminiscent of the year 2000.

Hype Indicator Suggests Caution

Kim Shannon shares her observations about the growth of IPOs with negative earnings.