Soundbites briefly explore what’s on Sionna managers’ minds.

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Energy Crisis or Energy Tightness? An Opportunity Either Way

December 2021

Portfolio Manager, Aleksy Wojcik, discusses a culmination of energy issues that have emerged since the start of the pandemic, and addresses the big question: “are we in an energy crisis”?

Suncor Energy (Audio)

June 2021

Portfolio Manager, Gary Chow, provides an update on Suncor Energy and why we believe it is an attractive opportunity for value investors.

A Reversion Expected (Audio)

May 2021

Listen as Portfolio Manager, Gary Chow, discusses the current valuation spread between the Canadian and U.S. markets.

Low Bond Yields Are Not Deterministic of P/E Multiples (Audio)

March 2021

Listen as Kim Shannon, explains the relationship between bond yields and P/E multiples.

Low But Rising Inflation is Good for Equities (Audio)

March 2021

Listen as Kim Shannon explains what a low but rising inflation rate could mean for equities.

Market Update: The Path Back to Normalcy (Audio)

November 2020

Listen as Stephen Jenkins outlines what the recent U.S. election results and the announcement of a potential COVID-19 vaccine could mean for value stocks.

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