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Stock Market Shakeout: Big Investors now Shun the Growth-at-all-Costs Model (The Globe and Mail)

September 2019

Kim Shannon offers thoughts on the market's collective mania.

The Race to Restore CI Financial’s Glory (The Globe and Mail)

August 2019

Kim Shannon provides insight into why CI Financial is a value opportunity.

Female-Led Fund Firms Account for Less Than 1% of Managed Money in Canada. Warren Buffett is Hoping to Help Change That (The Globe and Mail)

May 2019

When Kim Shannon helped set up a female-led value investing conference in Omaha, Neb., it was a struggle just to get attention and secure sponsors. Then Warren Buffett showed up.

Kim Shannon on Meb Faber's Podcast

May 2019

Kim Shannon discusses why she believes the market reflects human nature as much as it does underlying fundamental value.

Three Top Stock Picks From Three of Canada's Top Money Managers (The Globe and Mail)

November 2018

Capitalize for Kids is now in its fifth year of hosting charitable investment conferences, having raised millions of dollars for local charities by bringing together top money managers from Canada and the U.S. and having them share some of their best ideas.

Rosenberg, Belski, Shannon and Two Other Top Market Strategists Reveal their Most Important Advice for the Second Half of 2018 (The Globe and Mail)

July 2018

Kim Shannon and other industry experts answer the question, "what is your most important piece of investment advice for the second half of this year?"

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