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Six Leading Experts on how to Invest Right Now (The Globe and Mail)

December 2017

Kim Shannon joins a roundtable to discuss trends in today’s market and where investors can find value opportunities.

Bay Street Relives Black Monday; ‘It was Absolute Pandemonium’ (The Globe and Mail)

October 2017

Sionna's Kim Shannon remembers Black Monday on its 30th anniversary.

In the World of Disruptors, Sionna Investment Managers say buy the "Pro Active" Management Teams (Financial Post)

May 2017

At a luncheon organized by Sionna Investment Managers and held in Toronto on Tuesday, three portfolio managers from the institutional investment firm were asked what steps they had taken to protect Sionna’s assets against the disruptors, those companies with new business models that threaten the established order.

The Costly Gender Gap in Canada's Fund Business (The Globe and Mail)

December 2016

By almost any standard, the Canadian fund business has a huge gender imbalance. Compared to other professions, and even compared to mutual funds globally, female fund managers in Canada are vastly outnumbered by men, according to new Morningstar research reinforcing long-standing trends.

These Fund Managers are Using a Sideways Market to Set Up for the Next
Bull Phase (Financial Post)

September 2016

Since human beings have a tendency for excess, it often leads to irrational behaviour in financial markets. While many investors try to capitalize on market dislocations, value-oriented equity managers are particularly focused on taking advantage of the irrational pricing that occurs as a result.

Energy Stocks Find Favour with Sionna Manager (Morningstar)

September 2016

A couple of years ago, when oil prices dipped below US$40," says Shannon, "we started seeing a lot of value in commodities and in the stocks. We began as sector- neutral, so when oil prices and high-quality names dipped below intrinsic value, we started to add to the stocks.

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